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A Forbidden Relationship

A Forbidden Relationship
Melissa Castello
Translator: LRizzi-Erneste
Publisher: Tektime

She became his obsession from the first day he saw her. He became her forbidden temptation from the first time he kissed her.

Melody  is a twenty-three-year-old girl who has just graduated with top marks  and dreams of becoming a high school teacher. However, she is opposed by  her own parents who see her as too frail, petite and with a face so  angelic that she looks more like a doll than a hound capable of gaining  respect from students a few years younger than her. After constant  fights with her father, Melody finally gets a teaching job at a high  school quite different from the prestigious and respectable schools she  is used to. The situation in front of her would be difficult to deal  with and the only support she seemed to have found in a colleague, Shane  Mallory, would eventually turn out to be a big mistake because that  young man is none other than one of the worst students in the school.  Embarrassed by that misunderstanding, she finds herself overwhelmed by  the interest of the young man, who immediately nurtures a real obsession  for her, so much so that he behaves in a compromising manner for Melody  and ruins all the young girl`s good intentions. Between stolen kisses,  unconfessed declarations of love and secret late-night meetings, will  Melody succeed in putting a barrier between them? Or will Shane succeed  in making Melody his own?
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