Rushed Together - Victory Storm 2024

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Rushed Together

Rushed Together
Josephine P, Derek Stevens
Translator: Kelly Velasco

What could have happened to two complete strangers that got them handcuffed to a hotel bed two thousand miles from home?
He doesn’t know. He doesn't even know who he is.
She doesn’t know. All she knows is that she shouldn't be there, dressed as a bride in a honeymoon suite. Why is she there? And how did she end up in that white dress?
Nothing seems to make sense and when things seem to be getting better, they find fake documents for both, a semiautomatic Colt, a positive pregnancy test and two shady individuals set to find them at all costs!
There is no time to think or to remember, they must escape to be able to understand what the hell happened the day before, of which neither remembers anything.
An escape filled with twists, where every certainty collapses miserably, every memory is distorted by what they will discover and where destiny plays its card each time.
A journey that will lead the two protagonists to travel throughout America to the final twist.
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