Coincidence Part 1 - Victory Storm 2024

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Coincidence Part 1

Coincidence. Part 1
Translator: LRizzi-Erneste

I escaped from my executioner and ended up in the arms of a much worse man. Lukyan Vasilyev will destroy me and I don't know how to stop him.

TESSA. After my father killed my boyfriend, I realised that running away was the only way to be free. I no longer wanted to be Tessa Rivera, the daughter of the powerful mafia boss Giorgio Rivera.
For a year I secretly planned my escape and finally that moment had arrived.
My plan was simple, go to a charity event with my family, find a ploy to disappear from their radar for a few minutes and then sneak away, taking the first taxi I could get my hands on and run to the airport.
Quick and easy.
Nothing could have gone wrong, but then I had found myself alone, on the street, in the cold and without the shadow of a taxi ready to pick me up and take me away from my family before they discovered my disappearance.
Only desperation had driven me to do something that was not planned. To steal a car.
As fate would have it, that car had belonged to Lukyan Vasilyev, one of the most dangerous men in my father's rival mafia clan.
LUKYAN. Coincidences don't exist. Never. Especially when the Riveras and the Vasilyevs are involved.
Discovering that a silly little girl had managed to trick me and steal my car had made my evening more eventful than expected, but nothing I couldn't easily handle. No one could make such a mistake and get away with it.
Finding the shameless one would have been easy. Nothing could escape my control.
I would have made her regret having involved me and I would have torn her apart until I devoured her soul.
When I would return her to her father, there would be nothing left of the sweet, innocent Tessa Rivera.
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