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The Day I Met You

The Day I Met You
Josephine P
Translator: Kelly Velasco

Lucy was just nineteen when her mom kicked her out of the house.
Left alone, Lucille went to live in the immense estate she had inherited from her grandma.
It has been eight years since then and suddenly her stepsister, Nicole, who she could never stand, calls her, asking her to spend Christmas together and let go of the past.
Lucy agrees and when she arrives to the Christmas Eve’s dinner, she will meet Nicole’s future husband, Xavier Blanc.
She surprisingly finds out of having met him five years before. That common past will immediately create a chemistry between the two, but Nicole has no intention of accepting the intrusion of Lucy in her life.
Then why did she invite her to the party? Does Nicole really want to start over, or has she reconnected with Lucy for other reasons? 

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