Touch Me - Victory Storm 2024

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Touch Me

Touch Me
Translator: Fanny Morvan
Publisher: Tektime

How far can we pull on the rope before it breaks?

Felicity spent her entire teenage years overwhelmed by the fame of her two sisters, the most popular girls in school and prom queens. Managing to survive knowing she wasn't as beautiful and thin as they were was difficult and she eventually chose to live in invisibility for fear of ending up in the crosshairs of the school bullies. But things have changed. She's a sophomore in college, has two fantastic friends, and is no longer hiding. But her rejection of her own body is still very present and she has not yet managed to overcome her fear of being touched. Ryo and her friends have always been the center of attention. One look is enough for her to be feared or desired by anyone. A no for an answer is meaningless to him and those who have tried have bitterly regretted it. His life has always been a mix of adrenaline and speed, but although he has always liked to take risks, he would never have imagined crashing his bike because of a distracted girl, always able to say and do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Ryo has no intention of forgiving her. Felicity, wracked with guilt, will do anything to make it up to him. Even become his slave. But how far can you pull the rope before it breaks?
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