Dare Me - Victory Storm 2024

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Dare Me

Dare Me
Translator: LRizzi-Erneste
Publisher: Tektime

A single summer threatens to burn Edith and Jake's souls from the moment they first met.

Edith is ready to start college and realise her dream of becoming a lawyer. She has given her all to be admitted to one of the best universities in the country. Jake is graduating law school with flying colours, despite his unruly and rebellious life. Two different ways of life but a common goal: unacceptable for Edith, intriguing for Jake. The clash is inevitable and that holiday will soon become the scene of a war to the death. Two stinging tongues challenge each other, ready to tear each other to shreds, in a game of provocative glances and covert insults. However, one has to be careful, because if you play with fire, you risk getting burnt.
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