I'M Not Like You Want Me - Victory Storm 2024

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I'M Not Like You Want Me

I'M Not Like You Want Me
Translator: LRizzi-Erneste
Publisher: Tektime

Maybe I shouldn't have left the house with only that super sexy underwear under my coat, in the middle of winter.
Maybe I shouldn't have visited my boyfriend at the office, even if it was Valentine's Day.
Maybe I shouldn't have undressed in front of him without making sure we were alone.
Maybe I could have avoided getting him fired, causing him to lose what Stefan considered his dream job.
Maybe we'd still be together now.
But, come on, it's been seven years since that day. I've grown up. I've changed. I mean, Stefan had already made me feel guilty enough after he dumped me by disappearing off the grid because of what I'd done.
Now he can't come back and give me back the chop, can he?
I'm not about to get fired, am I?
Am I???
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