Dark Desire - Victory Storm 2024

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Dark Desire

Dark Desire
Translator: LRizzi-Erneste
Publisher: Tektime

My life has been a succession of mistakes and bad choices.
The first mistake? Having fallen in love with a man who ended up in prison and promising to wait for him.
The second mistake? Marrying a man to forget my first love.
The third mistake? Finding out about my husband's betrayal and venting my desperation in that damn bar.
Three mistakes and everything came to a head. A look, a caress, that voice that knew how to bend me to his will and the circle closed, causing me to face my first mistake which now came to present me with the bill.
Could I make my already complicated life worse? Yes, with a lie.
A lie capable of making me lose everything I had and that would make me fall into the hands of the one I had tried to forget my whole life.
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